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PDF to Word Converter FAQ

Q: How to convert PDF to Word?

A: In order to use PDF to Word Converter you have to go to http://pdftowordconvertersite.com/, click on download button and follow the simple steps from installer.

To start convert PDF to Word file follow the next steps:
  1. Go to "File" tab from the application.
  2. Click Open PDF button.
  3. Select your PDF file to convert.
  4. Click "Open" button.
Convert PDF to Word

Q: Is there any cost associated with this product?

A: No, PDF to Word Converter is 100% free.

Q: How to insert image in PDF file. Can I add images in PDF file?

A: Yes, this is very simple, follow the next steps.
  1. Choose "Edit" tab from PDF to Word converter application.
  2. Click the Insert image button.
  3. Select your image file to insert image in PDF file.
  4. Open your image file by clicking Open.
  5. Done. Now you can resize your image.
Insert image in PDF file

Q: How do I add text to PDF file. Is it easy?

A: Yes, with only 3 clicks.
  1. Choose "Edit" tab from Word to PDF converter application.
  2. Click the Insert Text Overlay button.
  3. If you want to delete the text from PDF file, please select the text box and click "Delete Object".
  4. Select the text box and type your text, you can move and resize the text inside the PDF file.
  5. If you want to change text color in PDF file, font size or text background, select your text box and change all your styles from text panel.
Add text to PDF file

Q: How to fill PDF form. Is the form fillable?

A: Not all PDF forms are fillable. Some PDF forms doesn't have interactive fillable forms. Some of PDF forms are made to fill PDF form by hand. If your PDF file contain interactive forms, you can follow the next steps.
  1. Select "Fill Form" tab from PDF to Word converter application.
  2. Click the Fill Form button to fill PDF forms.
  3. All the fillable inputs will be highlighted. You can fill PDF forms now.
Fill PDF forms

Q: Which files does it work with?

A: PDF to DOC Converter works with the vast majority of PDF files. If you experience any problems we would like to know about them, please contact us here.

Q: Does it work with encrypted PDFs?

A: Yes, PDF to DOC Converter works with most of them.

Q: Where can I find the latest version of PDF to Word Converter or Word to PDF Converter?

A: You can always download the latest version from here: http://pdftowordconvertersite.com/. There is also a button under help menu inside the application; you can check for updates anytime.

Q: If I modify a file using PDF to DOC Converter can this file be open with another pdf viewer?

A: Each modified and saved PDF (text overlay, fill form and/or signature) should be compatible with any other PDF viewer.

Q: Does PDF to Word Converter work with larger files?

A: Yes, Word to PDF Converter works with large files without any issue.